Time Marches On

Dear Greg,

A year has passed since you left this earth for whatever lies beyond this life.  Time has marched on  like it does, never stopping for anything or anyone.  Mom misses you very much and misses your conversations about hockey and music.  She says you would be happy with the young Leaf's team that are showing promise.

I hope that you are in a better place without the troubles that life brought to you in your later years. Whenever I hear Neil Young I pause for a moment or two and remember you.  I was pleased to be able let you go at our old cottage as it is a place that has remarkably remained almost unchanged since we were carefree children there. I am sure you were happy about that.

I choose only to recall the happy times we had together.  Our brother, leading us on explorations, teasing us mercilessly, taking us for boat rides, catching frogs, getting us up to no good. Whatever else there was, I have chosen to forgive and forget because in the end it really doesn't m…

Towards The Sun

Be strong, be brave, keep your chin up, think positive, keep smiling, one day at a time, one foot in front of the other.  These are all things that we say on the days that are tough, when things are too hard and when your whole being aches with the hurt, fear and a million other indescribable feelings.  We keep going, we keep smiling, we get up each day and start it all over, one foot in front of the other, one step at a time even when it is the last thing we want to do. No matter what pain, fear, challenge, or fight you are facing, let each new day be a reminder of the magic that can happen when you look towards the sun.

There is magic in allowing our feelings to pass through us, magic in giving in,  There is power, more than we think, in being vulnerable enough to feel what we feel. ~ Melody Beattie

What Love Looks Like

I am just going to write whatever comes out right now.  So many thoughts and feelings rushing around these days that I am writing as an outlet.  I went for a walk this morning up to to the hill that looks over our neighbourhood and out to Lake Ontario.  At the top of the hill what I really wanted to do was scream as loud as I could and let out some of the anger/frustration/sadness/overwhelming helplessness that I feel.  

And then I thought, "shit, I am not the one with cancer,   I am only watching from the sidelines.  I really have no flipping idea".  But I love my sister and I love her family and the feelings I feel are born from that love and wishing more than anything that I could change what is happening - that I could bear at least some of the pain or better yet take it away. But all I can do is to keep supporting Katherine in whatever way I can from across the county. 
I wondered about what to title this blog post.  I considered "What Courage Looks Like" and…